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The NWCLA services the following cities and towns in Northern Worcester County:

City of Ashby
City of Ashburnham
City of Athol
City of Clinton
City of Fitchburg
City of Gardner
City of Harvard
City of Hubbardston
City of Lancaster
City of Leominster
City of Lunenburg
City of Phillipston
City of Princeton
City of Sterling
City of Templeton
City of Townsend
City of Westminster
City of Winchendon

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About the Northern Worcester County Landlord Association

Who We Are
We are a non-profit organization, and there are no paid directors. Our membership is made up of both small and large property owners who share common concerns that affect the rental housing industry, housing in general and individuals’ rights as property owners and taxpayers.
  Our Objectives
We share information, encouragement to our members to promote professionalism, sound management practices, healthy housing and stability in the rental housing business.
  Our History
NWCLA first meeting was in November 2002 and has been active in our rental communities for over 9+ years, At present we are growing our annual membership!

Mass Rental Housing Association

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NWCLA Meeting June 14th, 2018 at Monty Tech in Fitchburg, MA

State Sanitary Code Updates Effecting MA Landlords.

In December 2017 the Chapter II of the new State Sanitary Code was scheduled to become law, but as of this date, still has not passed and become law in Massachusetts. Several Board of Health Inspectors across the state anticipate these new requirements, but few have an actionable plan as to how these new laws will be enforced or implemented.

Do you know how these new code regulations will effect your business as a Massachusetts Landlord?

Come and join us in June (rescheduled from the March snow date) to find out about these new changes, what you can do to be in compliance, and other sanitary code laws that will have an impact on your properties and your bottom line.

Please email your questions in advance to info@belaire.co with "State Sanitary Code" as your subject line where Brian Lucier, NWCLA President, will be your moderator for the evening. Please try not to use actual buildings or open citations for your questions. All questions should be prefaced as"hypothetical scenarios", or your questions may be disqualified.

See you there!!


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